How NOT to Brainstorm Song Writing Ideas

Don’t get your thinking faculty diluted! Memorizing too much of other artist work (as a songwriter) could get you fixed, and nothing unique seems comes out. All that you get is the mixture of the artist lyrics idea, plus your own join with the day-day distractions, everything now leads to void lyrics senselessness. 

Groups of people that fall mostly into this trap are the new comers – beginner songwriter. Sometimes, they have crammed a lot of other people’s ideas, directly or indirectly. The word ‘Directly’ in the context, is when you deliberately do it, with the believe of mentorship. And indirectly is when you listen all the time with the mindset of enjoying the artist piece of work, and not learning stuffs.

We honestly need more creative lyric works now in music industry. And the area that’s most new artist missing it is the aspect of lyrics writing.

Most of the times, the sound, chords, and beat are always brainy perfect.

In the view of media programs featuring artist. Most songs that was featured fall victim of this emptiness of lyrics, but as usual richness of sounds.

Of course, there is nothing bad in flexing and enjoying your favorite artist and music. You need only to listen differently, and not like people who have no intentions of going to music in this present life.

Before, I analyze how you should begin a new listening routine. Let’s talk about the few minute before you start your song writing. An approach that guarantee uniqueness and remaining difference.

Here is the commandments:
·        Listen differently and with a mindset of learning effects the artist uses
·        Reduce or eliminate, deliberate cramming of artist lyrics (or verse). If it comes or sticks let it be on account of natural level, not by a willing attitude.
           Stay far from music few minute before you set out to create, compose or make you own songs.
·       Manage and control your feelings during composition. It may hinder you from getting the song done on time (or even prevent you permanently). Emotions during composition could be a trap if not controlled carefully. Feeling in the sense that you stumbled on a tune (melody) and just immediately you felt, that’s a cool tune, wow! It’s going to make a hit … and the thought began expanding and you’re eventually keep repeating the sweet point  over and over again until the emotion got replaced with something else (maybe overwhelming). From experience the next time you picked that song, you may not feel the particular emotions again, and you’ll get not interested again. That’s dangerous.

As promised, here is how you should start a new listening habit. Every new songwriter needs a lot of ideas, both from external and internal. However, in order to make this approach resourceful for you now and the future…

Here’s the list of things to listen too in any songs:
1.      Ad libs
2.      Introduction creativity & uniqueness
3.      Sections that makes you say whoop!
4.      The words, phrases and clause that create certain effects in you (e.g. makes you want to cry)
5.      The notes in the melody.

You need to learn and know the potholes before you can avoid it. Critically analyze and listen for creative ideas pays off in multiple folds. Share you approach to songwriting in the comments below.