3 Streaming Media Services for Songwriters to Get Song Writing Prompts

3 Streaming Media Services for Songwriters to Get Song Writing Prompts Who can tell when and where inspiration would strike. Keeping a watch on the social streaming media could save you a bunch of time getting massive prompts for what your next theme should be and beyond that, prompts about things to include in you video. After all, there is nothing that is too new in the world today, everything is just a re-modification of things that are of old – repackaging and re-branding. The seven streaming services are those that I personally use every time I’m bored and lack necessary stimuli. Simply stated, they are highly efficient in getting you over board to a creative writing.

So here’s the shortlist…

1. Tracks.com – is generally categorized as an online radio and social networking website. It allows you to stream a complete set of media tracks of at least eight tracks. You do not need to pay  a dime to register – it’s free. As a songwriter, that plan to submit your track, you can go premium by paying a $25 to purchase a 6-month subscription.

2. Aupeo – Aupeo is extensively an internet radio service that could be personalized. They cover a wide range of genres – pop, rock and roll, hip-hop, r & b, heavy metal, country and many more. The offers over 120 pre – developed stations, where you will be able to select channels that fit your – desired them, genres or musical mood.

3.eMusic – is primarily an online music and audiobook store that operates with premium subscriber. I like this services because, subscriber could download certain amount of tracks per month in mp3 format. eMusic is established year 1998 at New York city. They offer a 7-day trial to new members.