Songwriting Jobs? – 14 Places to Hunt

Songwriting Jobs? – 14 Places to Hunt Nearly, even with search engine tools, you could easily locate a thousand of hot offers that get you started in a hunt for songwriting job. Although this may cost you lot of time to actually locate the right current jobs. To save you bulk of the time, I have compile the 14 dominant places to get your songwriting jobs secured.

The list here, is not a comprehensive one, you can actually search for more option using the Google or yahoo search engines.















Google is a good search machine that you can quickly leverage. Get yourself with some keyword or phrase that directly defines the kind of songwriting job that you want. For example, if you want a “songwriting jobs from a record label” then you can just type it straight like that or you just make use of some Boolean “symbols like Songwriting jobs + record label”. Other keyword to search for includes – songwriting jobs + location. Such as, songwriting jobs in America, songwriting jobs in Nigeria, songwriting jobs in Nashville. The purpose of this type of search is to get the job directly from the organization offering it.

The truth of the matter is songwriting as a job is not often a paycheck. Although, it does exist that way too, but it’s even pay off to get it as a contract. If you’re just getting started to write song, my little advise would be for you not to try get pay check but instead get it as freelance and you get paid your money upfront. There are ways, which I will discuss later in this page, about automating your songwriting job and turning your system into bait that instead of you looking for job, jobs begin to look for just you.

So, begin your search from either search engine or you get register for the web addresses above.

My personal recommendation for you is to be the go to person when it comes to getting songwriting done. Become the bait and let job offers locate you. How do you do this?

You’re going to get a good plan. Get ready for a holistic plan that influences your lasting effect on your career future.

The starting point in becoming a perfect job hunter start from your set goals and objectives. No one will hire a confused writer for his /her multimillion projects anyway. So you’ve got to define what exactly the things that you want. Who you want to be.

Since your fundamental objectives is get job related to writing songs, then you should set a goal of becoming a good songwriter. You have to master the attribute that makes a song great and learn all the rudiment of writing song, both theoretical and practical aspect of it.

Some of the things to do as to fulfill your goal of being the best songwriter is to develop a great knowledge on different song structures. The ways and techniques to create an emotional effect in a song, the skill of coming up with tunes easily and fast, the ability to create a song’s lyrics and melody that match the theme, and finally the ability to write lyrics from carefully selected words.

As I once said, that getting a songwriting job as paycheck is very uncommon, so you can always get it as freelance, and getting more of it make it far better off waiting for paycheck. However, if that’s the case, you need to be highly productive. You need to become a prolific songwriter to succeed excellently. Therefore, combining your productivity with the above-mentioned fact to be a better songwriter, then you’re sure getting jobs ready made for just you. But wait a minute, after you’ve make your goal ready, and you’re now sure of whom and what you do want out of your songwriting jobs career. Then it is good to carefully select your style base on two things: your love (passion) or genre with potentials.

I love blues. I love blues song in a blues genre. I’m sure you’ll like it too, because most people do. Blues is a genre that over 70% percent of music lover had want time listen to and perhaps fell in love with one of the tracks. That's to tell you that a genre like this got po-ten-tials and that you can start creating songwriting career around this genre. We all need love, I guess. Most common, as I think, the best genre for the theme “love” is blues. Sharing a story about love in this genre is pretty cool and you won’t get caught with it.

I’m not sure if you’re convinced yet that paycheck doesn’t always work with songwriting career. You can always get started as freelancer getting contract from different sources.

Another step to take before you can become a bait that get songwriting jobs without searching. That is, putting everything on automation. Then you will need a virtual office – a webpage. It can be a free blog or static page, or you can even take it upbeat by going for a fully paid website where write music for songs.

Since you’ve agreed to get a virtual office, then you need to play by the rules by learning to optimize your pages so as to get it found on major search engines. If you’ve not heard of search optimization before, it will be a good idea to do so. Visit Wikipedia for more in-depth information on that. And don’t forget that you don’t actually need to do it yourself, if you have, some bulk to invest on it you can do so, but I bet it with you, they are things you can do all by yourself. This is important because, for you to become bait there is an important need for you to get found on search engine by client, prospect or customers. SEO as it’s called is one of the things that would aid your site visitors.

Of course, it doesn’t worth promoting an empty webpage. Get your site fully functioning and ready before engaging in the optimization process.  Supply lot of demos, tracks, lyrics, or music sheets depending your skills and goals. Make this as clear as possible as to let your client and prospects locate your skills quick and easily. Create some download links so that they get your message and have references to your work.

Okay! You are already aware of where and what to do before you could get a job on contract basis or as paycheck. And, I have discussed why it always better to work as freelance than looking for pay check. Even if you’re going to work for a musical organization either as their employed song composer or as freelancer, you have to be careful before you say yes to the appointment.

It’s always good to check the company’s profile before you agree to work with them as full-time or part – time songwriter. Ask some series of question as include your regular salary.

There’s nothing wrong for you to know your worth and you name it. That is the more reason you have to have mastered your songwriting skills before considering an application for job. Either way, you could grow along too.

Being a freelance songwriter, there are two ways you could turn your expertise into cash streams. Either by selling finished songs directly or selling just the script.

By selling songs directly does not necessarily mean a becoming a singer. Of course, you may love to write songs just because you have the ability but never want to be a singer. There’s nothing wrong in that. However, the finished songs, so called, may not necessarily a top-notch production. Don’t forget that the buyer will also have to do some little modification to it too.

Taking the pain necessary to discharge your strength towards writing and creating songs that are relevant. Songs that cartoonist will want to pay for, or song that a movie producer will like to include in the next movie series. You can also take the pain necessary to be on a look out for the next movie production, new programs jingles, and other relevant events that needs or songs for promotional.

You have to be strategic in your plans toward securing a job in songwriting industry. Although, some of the opportunity available will not predominantly based on songwriting alone. You may have to engage your skill in form of teaching as well.

Here’s the list of job description to look out for related jobs openings:

Schools – you may look for different schools to take them song composition and music classes. Getting job in academic area may require some qualifications

Bands – there musical bands that look for a good songwriter and with your skill you could be an asset. Locate a good band that pay you to write songs for them. You can get up to 3 – 5 different ones to get started. Writing song for bands requires some further effort from you. You will need to study the style of music before applying. The best place to locate a band is to search your local region for good bands, study their musical style before applying for job offers.

Movie Producer – needs song on regular basis and most preferably, this songwriting will be on contract and not full time. Well, perhaps for establish firm like Disney Production Company, you may secure a full time job too. Most importantly, you need ability to be able to write different type of songs on different genre, including Indian Bollywood music.

There are common mistakes that beginner songwriter makes often. Some of these are easily removed while some are little difficult.

Most beginner songwriter tries to mimic trends. They tends to repeat what’s already out in the market. That you’re looking for job in songwriting doesn’t have to be getting common. Standing unique is also important to your success.

Your demo track is your marketing tablet. Make it clean and very audible.

Poor diction spoil good songs. Get your diction correct in all your demos because it is important to promote you while you’re away.

Make your work organized. Dislocated lyrics may not make it to the final job assessment. Nevertheless, it’s cool if you promote yourself with authority.

My recommendation for you to get quality songwriting job quick, if you’re convince that you can write songs well, and already know the basics of songwriting, that’s when you should considered looking for paid job. And if you’re not yet good, enough to write song for a multimillion project then consider finding new upcoming artist to write songs for. You need to be on a look out for hot songwriting opportunities and don’t forget to become bait that artist, movie producers and bands look out for.