Create New Tunes: Get Inspiration to Write a Song

Create New Tunes: Get Inspiration to Write a Song One interesting thing about tune is that they are not actually new. They are just a little manipulation of musical sound either parallel or vertically – in Tunes and duration. Tunes can get you absolute inspiration to write a good song and you can reuse every templates suggested in this article without anybody censoring you or even thought of how it relate to a song they’ve once heard before.

For starter, tune templates could be great tools to get needed inspiration to write a song. It also encourages you to create enough great tunes that is widely accepted by everyone. The templates can be used without any reservation; more so, tunes are only arrangement and rearrangement of the seven basic sounds of music, just by adding and subtraction of notes could result in a new unique tunes. Lay your hand on any of the tonic below to get started

However, here is the example … .

*m m m

*d d d

*r r r

*f f f

*s s s

*l l l

*t t t

The notes could now be reused this way. First write them out in any forms or format, then play it on piano or you give it to musician around to play it to your hear ( if you can’t handle any instrument. It could be played on other instrument too). Now make every corrections necessary and get settle for the new tune.

You can randomly arrange the notes this way:

M : m : d : d f : S: r

R: t:d:m:f:s:s

L t s m f s m: - :

(Note: the above notes are chosen at random only)