Compose Your Own Music

At least, we have sometimes hear a song that makes us feel sober, aggressive (or hyperactive active) or empathy. Every songwriter aspire to compose music with such a great impact on our own audience, but make no mistake about it, you should connect the audience in a positive way by all means. Music that connect with audience are descriptive, concrete and paint an image.

“Don’t look so sad

I know it’s over

But life goes on

And this old world

Will keep on turning”

In writing a good music of your own, it’s a little no difference from composing a good poet. Every quality poet has a direction, uses more of active word, hooked the reader at the first few words and stimulate exact matched emotions.

 The only difference as compared to a music is, that a composed music has the lyrics and the melody  (tunes). The best way to compose a music that connect is for you to establish first, the world within – theatre in the mind. What was the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the first line of the song by Kristofferson.

Well, what we might experience may be different. The first thing that I pictured is a little young lady, seating somewhere I can’t really picture clearly. And, next to her like somebody reading those word of lyrics to her ears why she sob. This tends to vary with individual state of mind.

 The two broadly used elements of a good lyrics – personification and descriptive style. For instance, the first line of the song comes in by saying  "I threw a wish in the well”. This of course got the listener trying to figure out what next (or some think how possible). Also, a song that’s descriptive could as well start like “I have a neighbor”… definitely, you have the fans on a hooked, trying to think this way – “so what, ….. what happen to her… or even how as that concern us (the listeners)”.

Great hook have been created using personification of non-living or abstract object and also trying to describe an object. It’s a good idea to create a hook using common ground ideas – things that’s generally known by people. However, the best tactics to compose your own quality music is to write music that fans can quickly visualize in their brain.