Best-Written Songs of the 21st Century

Best-Written Songs of the 21st Century As the time grows old, there are increase in competitions likewise a decrease in quality. Most song written in the early 21st century are less as effective as it should be. They address little of all the abundant impact a song should portray. Although, we have thousands, if not a million songs released into the thin air daily, there are yet very little that convey the true value for our existence.

Well, I was advised not to take any prisoner on this. The issue of best anything depends partly on individual opinion. Of course, the Grammy awardee set the table to screen an artist, the point is, it’s yet on the individual opinion, maybe considered the basic of what should be recommended good songs.

Let me ask you a question. What’s the ratio of old folk songs you do remember and possibly “hum” sometimes in the kitchen. If it’s up to 1%, that means they are  still alive. Most songs of today are so watery they convey very little or no meaning, but only nice beat, cool rhythm.

In my opinion, best songs are those that gives me sense. Those that are quotable. Those that makes reference. Moreover, those that are word rich. They are the songs that connect with reality of life. They are songs that solve a problem with their choice of selected words. In addition, of course, they are songs that makes you giggle.

The technicality of songwriting, is that both the rhythm and melody convey the theme. And in addition to that, don’t forget that each of these elements has a part to play. Both the rhythm and melody are the attractive side of every music. They are the ceremonial linen that packaged the whole thing that makes it appeal to listener. Songs that dwell only on this two factors alone, do not last ages. But a rich in meaning words and song are those that, come what may, the decades to come. Anytime you pull your draw and discover it, you’ll a kind of remember and even happy to hear it.

Theme of the songs is far more important as the selected words used. During my search for songs that actually meet up with these criteria, I got list of songs like these:

1.You Rock My World by Micheal Jackson

2.Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake

3.Hot by Avril Lavigne

4.Obsessed by Mariah Carey

5.All the Things She Said by t.A.T.u