Be in a State of Nature to Your Fans – Audience Loves It Better!

Be in a State of Nature to Your Fans – Audience Loves It Better! Audience find more believe and connection in a lyrics that seems telling the true-life story. You wouldn’t want to share your exact private story either, but can share something similar. It’s not all-important that the story be all-true, but should be perfectly written as to convey elements of fact.

Song lyrics that convey elements of fact have something in common. It contains a whole lot of common grounds, common believes, proverbial and examples. By simply leveraging this attributes you can be sure of making them believe that what you’re saying is true or 70% true about you.

The strategy behind showing your “nakedness” to fans is to turn them loyal throughout your songwriting career. It, at least, makes head swell when fans nearly throw themselves at you while on stage. Of course, there are situations like before. They’ve once done it to Michael Jackson (late).

For instance, you could easily get nice story that you’re at least fully aware of. The commonest of all is perhaps, loosing someone you love – either to death or jilt. It could be like to write a song to this girl you like. Making use of the words – I, me and my can singly makes it real as if it does happen to you in a reality.

I’ve at least gotten songs like that before, almost make me sob – but I manage it. The attribute posed by great legendary songwriters involved some senses that once repeated, makes history repeat itself.

One of the ways to get a constant flow of ideas is to get your records of common situation, events, stories that you’ve read and you keep record of the ideas. Make use of words like I, me, mine, to personalize the idea.

It does all depend on who you are and what you want fans to know about you. Singing about your accomplishment could attract some audience and as well distant some to you. It’s been used by artist. The point is this, context does not guarantee the longevity of connectivity with you, but it could boost your fan base.