Do You like R.Kelly’s Music? Care to Write Songs Like a Pro?

Do You like R.Kelly’s Music? Care to Write Songs Like a Pro? “3 Ground breaking strategies for beginners to develop high song writing skills”

Of course, it is often said that you cannot be another person, but you will obviously agree with me that you can be-like that other man. A thorough study, break down of the artist of your choice is no way an exception. With a close study and breakdown of every moves, the way he/she thinks, which can be identify through what, who, and how he referred to element in his songs. The "what he says about whom and how he says it" can immediately help us with our next composition and the song lyrics task is half solved. The choices of notes, accent and instrument used can always make it a reality. When you attempt the simple three steps analysis of the artists R.Kelly, you can be sure of producing the hit song you’ve ever dream of.

Before that, a word of caution: if you miss any of the steps or you substitute it with your choice it will now depends on you. So carefully digest the tips, practice them and ask questions in case you do not understand any of the concepts.

1.      Make a Mentor: This is the first step towards becoming a successful artist. Although, this post is tag writing songs like R.Kelly, but the process mentioned can be applied to any other artist of your choice. When choosing the mentor. There are factor look. A mentor you see does not have to know in person, the essence is to study his work and remain focused.

2.      Break it to process:  The 3 basic things to take note of are what the artist talked about in most of his tracks. Is it about women, money or life history? In most cases, R.Kelly Operate in two different contexts. Sometimes he talked about himself, things that have happened to him and sometimes he talked about “make love with women”.

3.      Rhythm Speaks the Drive: Most songs composed by R.Kelly have driven with the rhythm. It is important to study the beat since you love the artist. That is why passion and practice rule the game here. Study the beat, the bass kick, the snare and strings or piano used. Master most of track, you will soon see an element that will systematically be a source of ideas for your next great song. The key point is catching the spirit at which he operates his music so that you too can get it flow subconsciously.

The difficult part – you may get all the above criteria ready but not able to sing the way he sings. It involves a lot of physiological reason. Actually, am not in the school of copyright but you need to be as original as you can. The most important aspect of becoming like an artist is the words and tune. This two is enough to get you composed your next great song that people will love to listen to. So, get busy, study and start composing your next great piece of music for the world to hear.