Songwriting Themes to Practice before Contests

Songwriting Themes to Practice before Contests “Knowing fully well what the Judges assessments are, cut 50% off your failure to win ”

Competitions are good to prepare you ahead in the chosen field. It’s true that motivations do only strikes when and wherever you experience it, but as  contests is concerned – even when no motivation – you have to create one or else you’ll lose out of the show fast. I won’t be the first to tell you that  failure to plan, is simply planning to fail. With adequate strategy and tactics, you could easily beat the judges on the face – or – even experience flawless performances.

You shouldn’t forget this! Every contest has a theme. To my surprise, many contestants miss this very single fact. They endlessly pursue their own personal interest, instead of the audience. By simply structuring all your activities towards the themes and goals of the contest, you’re just a step towards from win-win.

The firs factor to include in you ultimate performance is to fully understands, break – down, analyses and the songwriting themes. The point is you should try to think the same way the judges do. Ask yourself many questions.

Fundamentally, every songwriting themes is arranged around these three themes – love, loss, and partying. Several hit songs have won a hit in these them…

Themes are also selected based on your composition. The way you are expected, by the judges, to compose your songs. Something, you may be expected to choose an imaginary object and write a lyrics around them. This should not be anything difficult to anyone that is frequent to my site. Composing lyrics is like adding one with two. Relating the object to something else is the answer – that’s how will do things – talk and think.

Themes are sometimes chosen around something wild. Just think and  try to understand what the judges are aim to achieve. You could easily associate any given themes to an emotions – feelings or your experience. Belief me, you’re about to make a hit. Make it very appealing that’s all.

P>S: You could help somebody win a contestant by simply comment your other songwriting themes that you know or think is important to master.