Getting Paid for Your Songwriting Effort

The idea of becoming a paid songwriting author comes when we’ve created songs, a lot of it, and it seems songwriting has now become our hobby. It’s not bad at all to get massive amount of royalty from the effort spend seating for hours, brainstorming great songs that has the potential to inspire. Songwriter is always paid through several sources – performance, mechanical, print or synchronized royalties. Each of this medium to be paid varied with the channel of sale and likewise the potential for income is different.

Get Paid By Performance
Generally speaking, performance royalty are paid whenever your song is performed live or pre-recorded on a media. Every time your song is played on a television radio or a jukebox, you deserved to be paid for it. Although the income to this varied, and broadly determined by government policies and audience rating.

Mechanical Royalty

This is the most common of all; it’s the selling and distribution of you song in physical form on CDs, Tapes, Albums or DVDs. This actually involves some level of investment from you and engaged intermediaries for the marketing activities.

Sales in Print

Many songwriters have already said their song in prints and happy doing so. The use of your lyrics in novel, non-fiction books, magazine and other forms of print media could be avenue to sell your raw songs – the lyrics.

Synchronization Royalties

There are popular artists this day that actually start their career song for movies. Even if you choose not to start this way, it’s important to know that whenever your song is used in a movies, you deserve a pay.

Aside the four category mentioned above, you can get paid by promoting yourself, writing jingles, enter a songwriting contest, and even signup for any performing rights organizations – like ASCAP, BMI  or SESAC. You’re sure of getting money anytime your music is played.