5 Annual Songwriting Contests to Keep Watch

5 Annual Songwriting Contests to Keep Watch “..Don’t You Ever Miss Next Contests Again…Learn the Winning Tactics to Songwriting”

Be the first to discover, perhaps, among the first set of people to know about the available songwriting contests for songwriter. The possible limitation is geographical location as compare to part of the world that you reside. There are international songwriting contests available annually, which if you’re sure of your songwriting skill you can be sure to apply and win without minding the cost of the limitations – your locations.

And best of all, here’s the list of regular songwriting contests that you can keep watch against the next opportunities.

Less I forget, this page on songwriting contests will be updated daily for you to visit so that you do not miss the next available contests and that you stayed abreast of other songwriters around you.

1.      Billboard songwriting contest – It’s an annually contests that is aimed to assist young upcoming artist. The contest engages professional judges with big names in the industry so that you can be sure of quality assessment and establish new reference for yourself mentally www.billboard.com

2.      International Songwriting Competition: Known as ISC gives you opportunity to participate annually for songwriting related contests. The contests are hosted annually and offer ditto information on available prizes to be won, the judges  and rules. The next contests for year 2014 reopen March 2014.

3.      The UK Songwriting Contest – gives more prizes for contest winner and they feature  in the great UKSC Awards show as to receive an international music promotion. They promote contest update on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

4.     Greatamericansong.com – Is another contests that have been hosted more than 5 years.  It provide rooms for freshly beginners amateur and semi pro songwriters to get featured and perhaps win if you have develop your songwriting skills properly.

5.      John Lennon songwriting contest – this is perhaps the most popular of all annual songwriting contest. The contest is an international award for songwriters of all level.

 The above contests are just the most popular awards to watch out for annually. You can also follow them on social media sites like Facebook and twitter or you visit this page on songwriting contest as we bring you latest contests some of which you  cannot get on the web.