5 Songwriting Softwares Among Year 2013’s Best Collections

5 Songwriting Softwares Among Year 2013’s Best Collections
“…the short lists of softwares are just what you need to start a great songwriting career.”

Most songwriting softwares are updated yearly for new and better usage experience. There are usually the best of all in everything. It’s often tasky, especially when you’re just starting a career in music, to identify the collection of best tools. In this article, you will identify the best songwriting softwares for your use either as a beginner or as expert. Depending on forms and style of you songwriting, you can always find some softwares easier to use than other can.

1.Master Writer
Of course, you cannot do without the application that simplifies your writing process – brainstorming, suggestions tools and dictionary of rhyme. Master writer is a great tool useful for both songwriter and poets. It has recorded some level of success by famous songwriters like Rob Thomas and David Foster

Is the second best songwriting softwares for year 2013.  It’s a great tool for you that enjoy writing lyrics before actually providing the tune. The application has done a great deal of work by combining all the necessary features needed by songwriters – great editing features, dictionary, and song database. It is also a good instrument to get tune as well.

3.4 Chord Songs
I personally enjoyed the pro tools because of its simplicity in nature. It makes it easy to get inspiration for new music by selecting 4 chords and choosing preference on various settings. It’s great software for songwriter that gets inspired through tunes.

4.Chord Pulse
Another great tool for inspiration through tunes. The software offers you 16 chord types for use and makes it extra easy to improve your song with chords.

5.Ableton Suite
It’s popular among professional songwriting softwares. It’s very good for all format and genre of songs. You can also create a full standard music with it with the available 1,600 expressive sounds effects, construction kits and wonderful song templates to inspire you. Some of the other features that I personally enjoyed are the midi modulation section.

You are now equipped with the information on choosing the best songwriting softwares that stands the test of time. The only obstacle that you might need to conquer is procrastination. However, it’s now your turn to start producing great songs that the whole world would love to hear.

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