Need Help with Songwriting? – Write Lyrics, Compose Melody

Need Help with Songwriting? – Write Lyrics, Compose Melody The one and only reason you don’t get the music ready on time is lack of goal. Of course, you read me. By simply planning and defining your goals you can be sure of getting your music across to a whole lot of people  out there. song writing should be fun, so why are you still not making it fun every time, anywhere. The simple answer to that is inconsistency otherwise referred to as broken train of thoughts. A nicely set of goal keeps you slow and steady, removes anxiety and improves your productivity.

•    Compose a five minute melody (Lyrics)

•    Record the first demo samples

•    Deciding the rhythm and beat tempos

If am correct, your primary goal is to get the song on tape, probably to be sold to the world or maybe only make for friends and family. This main goal has been cut down into three mini objectives above. Composing five-minute lyrics can only get don if you take a baby steps by writing the song in stanzas.

Most song has a format and templates – The verses and chorus. The only exception to this is the singles. You should write the chorus first, and then try to put some words down for the verses. The more verses you can write the better. I’ve never found it fun leaving my chorus for too long before developing the verses. You only need to do things that best work for you.

There is no specific method or system to follow in other to get ideas. Some people get ideas for lyrics just immediately after their sweet melody is composed, while some people write the poetry first. There is no set rule to get this done.

Once you’ve gotten this ready. You have just covered the 50% ground break and ready to fly. Go down the street to record your demo. The new development have also encourages you to record music easily at home. There are applications that get you covered in developing and writing music for lyrics.

Examples are cakewalk software by sonar, hypersonic and so on. Learn the basic and you get going. Better still, your phone or iPod could be of valuable asset. You have already done the hardest part.

Now that you’ve set, the goal to write a song that lasted for five minute, and effectively monitors it through consistency and personal motivation. Then your mind is settled for a more focused song structure and rhythm.

Of course, there are other ways you may choose to write a world standard song, in which one was discussed above and here is an advice my good friend Steve shared when talking to one of his music student.  You have to clear your mind of the thought that you want to write a song.

It is possible that the you experience procrastination by over dreaming the idea that you want to become a songwriter.

Songwriting has to be fun and you have to STOP and START to put words on the paper the way they come. You may not bother to put tune on it yet. Do not wait to think of the sentence either. More so, the greatest hooked ever created are meaningless most times. You need to realize that the songs only need to be written in a style that follows a pattern. This shouldn’t be something serious either.

The structure could eventually save you a lot of time especially when the time comes to write your rhythm and melody. Usually, It’s always cool when song start with a hook, followed by solo and next is the chorus.

Here’s is an example of a song structure to guide you to brainstorm ideas:


                                                                     Sample Song from a Musical



You loved me.

You moved me.

You changed me.


But now, worlds apart, you escape me.

They took you away, and I’ll never see your face.

Someday, I pray, I’ll hold you in a place

Where there is no more war, no more anger, no more hate,

Where you’ll be in my arms, in my life, and in my fate.

I’ll find you again, and I’ll never let you go.

I’ll find you, I swear, and my love will warm you so.

I wish the world were small, so that I could have you near,

But now, far away, you are only in my tears.


Madeline, my Madeline,

Love will find us in the end.

Madeline, my Madeline,

Love will help us all to mend.

The world is torn, the world is worn,

but in my heart you’re safe with me.

Oh Madeline, in my heart I set you free.


They’ll never take my soul, even though they try and try.

They think without you near, all I’ll ever do is sigh,

But I only want to fight, so that I can have you back.

They’ll soon see my might, and I’ll plan my first attack.

I won’t even rest, until that day will come

when I have you in my arms underneath the glowing sun,

The only thing they killed is the old me that would break,

I’m ready and I’m skilled, so watch out, I’m here awake.


source: www.

Don’t  despise the power in getting inspired by other peoples music. Who knows? You may get inspiration from the melody or lyrics by any chosen track. If you have a favorite music or artist whom you choose as your mentor that’s fine. But the best practice is to expand your horizon by listening to other songs that you think sucks. If you spend your time with it, you may incidentally uncover the reasons why other people like it.

Good melody is not enough to make your song a world record, but also a great strings of words do wonders. Even good singer-songwriters do read several genres of artist lyrics, especially the ones that make a hit. They digest and visualize how those words connect to them and other people. They do imagine what it is in the feelings the lyrics brings. They ask, ask and ask a lot of question. Both self-analysis and competitor’s is a great system that shouldn’t be forgotten.

As you listen to any music, either as a beginner or intermediate songwriter, always think about what you like about the particular song you’re listening to. The best way to do this is to keep asking questions. Ask questions about the lyrics uniqueness, chord changes, melody flows and the even the hook.

Another important factor to consider – putting the technical aspect of you songwriting right. Definitely, you don’t have to be a PhD holder to do this, but you should master the basics of how songs are built and the basic fundamentals of music. This includes – Harmony, melody and rhythm.

You can get a more comprehensive help about this aspect from a reliable source like or you search for each of the word in quote “harmony” at


As I said before in the earlier paragraphs, you have to be ready for inspirations.  You have to start living like a serious songwriter that wants to help him/herself to the top. You have to start living like songwriter that knows the right method to build a one-best song. You can tell when the inspiration will strike, it can wake you up at night, strikes you in the toilet or even when you’re bathing. Always keep a pen and paper with you everywhere you go or better yet, carry a tape recorder or a digital audio recorder along with you. Sometimes, idea for a great melody, rhythm or chorus may come up and possibly difficult to capture on the paper, then you should be safe with the suggested tools.

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