Your Obstacle to Becoming a Seasoned Lyricist

Your Obstacle to Becoming a Seasoned Lyricist
This last weekend, I was invited to a music composition concert, where a whole lot of lyricists were present. Sat beside me, was a young talented lyricist and a music notation expert that’s newly coming out for such a huge event. After exchanging pleasantry, I could discover in his voice the feeling of discomfort, which instantly makes me remember the early days of my first outing when I was craving for helps to becoming a lyricist without border.

I once asked myself, that what is that thing that makes people afraid to face a crowd or come up with song idea – the simple answer is – You yourself. If and only if anyone that is in front could simply imagine himself as yet, a part of the audience, that they are still a human being, not the special coming from the outside world. And say a loudly “yes” that no matter how bad it be, this crowd has no choice than to listen to what I've got to sing. Anyone can speak, anywhere and at any time.

Confidence is a funny thing. You don’t need to say or even bother to show it; the level of your confidence will show. Have you ever imagined after performing for sometimes, the same audience you’re  at first afraid to meet now turns people you communicate freely to?

Countless of methods were taught by various authors on ways to conquer crowd phobia. The only one I have found most rewarding for becoming a lyricist and seasoned songwriters is the mind reprogramming strategy.

This is the way you manage your thought some minutes before you’re prompts to do anything musically –like music composition, writing your melody or even getting to the stage. The correct mind programming system is the one that reminds you of who you are. The mindset that empowers what you are capable of performing. Still, it's a mindset that liberate you of becoming a lyricist you’ve always want to be. This has worked for me countless of time – changing my thought into something aggressive gives me extra confidence to talk or embrace any crowd.

In reality, what works for me may not work for you. Part of the thought that prompts when the fear gripped me is “what is the worst thing that could happen here tonight.”

The answer comes immediately. “You may forget your verse.” I then consciously say, “and so what …  what next?” The thought will go on and on until the whole negative thought is exhausted. I will only round it up with a simple powerful question like this, “will this crowd kill me if I fumbled?” The answer is definitely, emphatically NO! Come let’s go rock it.

As I said earlier, the idea that works for me may not work for you. The things you regard as my worst case may not actually be yours. You may get your own positive drives by merely equipping yourself with tools that help you make your own music.

 I’ve once gotten a good composition software that has actually help in writing my music production fast and speed up progress towards becoming a needed lyricist around. So, depending on where you belong. Your own drives may be to repeat the life motivational metaphor as most successful artist does.

 By only saying a simple 3-word metaphor could change your situation around – something like life is good, or My Time Is Now!

Going with your band will not only boost your confidence but also ensure a perfect performance. If the need be to do this try your possible best to use everybody need for your show only.

If there’s anything I appreciated most about my study of public speaking, and even of any form – it’s this phrase that says  don’t impress but only express. Although, you have good voice of a tessitura quality. In your mind, make it known that you’re only going to show expressions and never to impress or intimidate anybody.

The ultimate performance is a thing of mind and it does work in networks of other minds present at your show. Great mind have the power to makes other minds great; therefore great minds is to create the lasting applause days after leaving the stage, is the one with confidence – so work on your confidence every time of performance and toward you goal in becoming a good lyricist.

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