Learn to Write Songs and Record It

Learn to Write Songs and Record It
Hundreds of applications are now available to record your song and even coming up with song ideas. Most beginners tend to do everything all at once. Comprehensive information about getting inspiration to write songs can be gotten here. I’ll be focusing on easy home recording procedure that guarantee result.

•    Get your song (melody and lyrics) ready
•    Fire the DAW
•    Select your basic fundamentals instrument ( It could be any instrument – kick, cymbals, snare)
•    Punch your ground beat (don’t forget to  put on the metronome)
•    Choose an instrument that will convey the melody
•    Add another instrument to go with the chorus – this could be [high-hats or other synthesizer

Just before the last step above, you may pre-record your melody along the ground beat. The strategy is to get more inspiration and ideas that fit in best to the songs.
•    Now is the time to record your song. The first thing is to pre-record to check if you voice is in good condition and to see if there are other things to include in your music. Once satisfied.
•    Record your lyrics. Here some producers do suggest that you do the entire chorus first.

I don’t think that is necessary with the latest song recording applications. It is better to do your solo part first, because you can easily create a hook that will alert chorus singers to come-in at the right time. Therefore, saving  you tons of time.

Hint: You may have to record several times, before it’s become satisfying. The lists of DAW are the ground-breaking applications that have stood the test of time. You can armed yourself with some are moderately easy to use with others are complex – require certain level of skills.

•    Fruity Loops
•    Able ton Live
•    Sonar Cakewalk
•    Reason

Since you’ve decided to sequence your music. The applications suggested are okay for both beginner and intermediate songwriters. They can be used to produce a high quality and marketable album. Give any of the chosen software your time and you will soon become its master.