How Safe Is Your Lyrics from Piracy

How Safe Is Your Lyrics from Piracy It is important to shield your lyrics before it go out there to the world. After you’ve taken the pain to brainstorm songs idea, compose the melody and perhaps arranged the beat. Now is the time to take the important steps to get involved in piracy protection. Although, it does worth getting worried about, and it’s not anyone’s fault, but the world we lived in today. The good news is that you do not have to be stressed up to secure a full protection and secure a maximum tracking for your music before it goes viral.

You’ll get your songs fully protected by locating a good protection agency in your region. Carry them along in your work and provide them with lists of work that you’ve just done. Piracy protection agency will generally request for you simple details like – Title of your song or album, date of composition and the authorship of the content.

This is how song-writing protections work. You’ll register at any chosen agency, and they will contact other agency on your behalf to justified if nobody else have submitted the same kind of work and also verified the market if the work is purely yours and not copied from other source.

If you can pass the entire protection test, then your songs can be at least 70% certain of piracy protection. The strategy behind song protection is not to completely stop or erase peer to peer sharing of your song. It’s to prevent the big boys in the music marketing industry from producing mass dubbing of your work and you as a beginner; they’ll only take advantages of you.

Songs that are protectable should by genuinely yours and unique. It must have thorough wordings, meaningful, inspiring, and potential of becoming a hit. The nightmare about protection is that song that you want to protect does not guarantee it will become a hit but if you have mastered the seven attribute of hit songs, then you have nothing to fear.

Dumping your song to agency is no actually enough to get optimal protections. You also have a role to play in making the task worked. Report any suspicions to the agency but be sure before you do that. Report had shown that level of piracy is more predominant in the most developing countries.

It is true that you can get your song protected and be happy with your royalty. I don’t think anything is more important than that. Perhaps, while keeping an eye open over piracy, do not close the other eye on your producer in giving you’re his best quality mix... you need  to get them involved by building relationship, spend quality time with them and generate massive mix of creative ideas ….