Can We Really Trust Producer for the Quality Mix

Can We Really Trust Producer for the Quality Mix

The quality of your song rest solely on the producer state of mind, devotion to your work and perhaps his/her interest in the work. We can’t hide away from that. The question with quality mix is a question of creativity. There are ways to keep both you and your producer overflowing and never drying. For you to verify on the first day that the producer has the keen interest in your work and not your money, establish some ground communication that reflect your passion for the work in view.

Your definition of quality is important to make some judgments. It is so important you have a clear understanding of what quality songs are. You may have a different definition other than this, but what I know as quality music is comprised of three basic things – the chosen words, lyrical hooks and rhythm.

The fact is, a good project does not start in a day and finished the same day. You’ll need to plan. This is the way to know if the producer duely has the time for you or not. It’s so sad that we’re now in the world of urgency, very few due processes.

Well, maybe you’re aiming for famous producer with world-class recognition to do your work for you. Don't! Locate any producer with moderate production skills and wide range of knowledge music production applications. Build relationship. Let the producer sleep with your song ideas and wake up with it. This is the way to trust the result.

Now, I don’t mean you should push hard on your producer, but if you sincerely want result. You should know some things about him. Get information about things like – elements of hit tracks (his perception or knowledge), application for production, song marketing and piracy protections. The strategy behind the information is to know what he does know about what matters in the industry. The point is, if he doesn’t already know those details, you’ve challenged him to go and master them and it’s a win – win.

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