How to Write Blue Song Lyrics with Deep Meaning

Blue Song Lyrics - How to Write Song with Deep Meaning
Writing blues song lyrics that stand the test of time requires a special kind of mindset, a nice theme and clues. We’ve sometime share a story that the children will want to listen to, a discussion that our spouse are so keen to think about on a blue moon days and a small talk that friends ask question about.

So, what are we thinking during this point in time.It's of course necessary to understand how to write blue song lyrics with deep meaning.It's easy to write more songs when you know the secret.Legendary blues song writers (that are also prolific writers) understood this secret. They've discovered the importance to wearing a lyrics generator hats when there's need to write song fast and write well.

Here is what they do - they tell a story.

Believe me, for your song to get connected with your audience deepest mind, you have to share a story. Although, the story doesn’t necessarily have to be true, but must be in story like.

OK, you might be asking how are story get told in songs…

Pay attention to this blue song lyrics techniques.Every good story has the following three elements:

1.       A character

2.       An Action Performed

3.       Common Day-day experience

The process to writing good lyrics is not difference from the article writing process by a freelancer.Simply follow the instruction and you will soon see for yourself how you can make it happen again.

By doing the next five simple steps you we soon find writing story around your song a speed of light.

1.       Think of an image/avatar

2.       Give it a name or pronouns (For example: She)

3.       Relate her to a common work of life and

4.       Make her do something emotional (waiting for her long gone husband, missing the

Train in a cold chilled weather and so on.)

5.       Make the story flow and realistic.

Most often, I’ve been able to create great blue song lyrics from simple ideas, following the process. My lyrics songs “I have a neighbor, her name is Bimbo” have many times create a curiosity in the people hearing it the first. They all want to know what happen and who is Bimbo. However, good blues lyrics should create a kind of mindset – so what happen?

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