4 Golden Rules to Win the Next Song Writing Contest

4 Golden Rules to Win the Next Song Writing Contest 1. Don’t be too forward to take the Microphone

2. Never get too excited, or too cold

3. Know your music

4. Answer what they asked you.

Fine! You’ve rehearse the whole music and already burning to get on that stage set it ablaze, make the audience scream. It’s ok, but hear this tip. Don’t ever, I repeat ever be too forward to take the microphone unless you’re told to do so. Wait, let the judge call you upon to mount the mic for your name.

Excitement is good but too much of it can be dangerous. I could remember “    ” nearly loose her reputation at Grammy award after being nominated for the award. Of course fans were embarrassed. What you need is very simple, only remain calm, and warm.

There is something you should never do, but before that you will soon discover how you’ll answer correctly what the judges need from you. The point here is that you should know every INS – and – out of your music. Clear off every ambiguity and keep a focused energy.

Now that you’ve gone this far, you’ve render your piece of music and got the crowd aware. The idea by the judges is to test your psychological reasoning. Don’t fool it. They are experts and perhaps have undergone the stage you are right now. They already have idea of what might make you fail in the future contents. Let me keep it very simple. Answer what they asked you. And only try to express yourself, rather than trying to impress. Remember the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).

The suggested rules have time be the core assessing contestants. They are very basic and expected of every successful singer or songwriter to have him or her already.