MUST HAVE: 7 Wonder Tools for Songriters

MUST HAVE: 7 Wonder Tools for Songriters You need these tools to be the best songwriters that you aspire. They have helped me achieve a lot within the shortest time possible. By overcoming difficult task especially during urgency, get song composed and arranged for specific and focused events. Being organized put you ahead of 90% of singers and songwriters that I know. The good news I that some of these tools are already available around you.

Time Management Tool<>
The best management tool or system so far is that of pomodoro timing system. The method will boost your productivity by at least 10% the first month. I happen to be a highly disorganized person that get distracted so easily but with the help of Pomodoro timing programs and my personal effort to make it work, I have being able to make a great shift towards my primary goals to be one of the best songwriters possible today. Although, I’m not claiming to be anywhere in the world ranking of best songwriters of today, but time is an essential part of growth for songwriters.  There are applications and white paper that you can use to actively engage and monitor your progress on a go. You will be surprise to discover how your time sneaks away through the back door. With a good time management, I’m sure you’ll experience calmness and more time left to do other things.

Voice Recorder
You have to begin living like a professional singer and artist. Recording words, tune or verses will soon become a second nature to you as a determined song artist. Who knows? Inspiration may strike when you least expect. You do not need a highly sophisticated gadget for this task, I think nearly every 21st century phones, and pad has voice recorder for use. Locate it on your phone to get started. You can couple with the ones already pre-installed some better applications.

Keep the Diary
Inspiration to write sometime demands for variety. Put aside a book, diary close in case of emergency. You may have just two words that could eventually lead to greater and braver song. Don’t hesitate to keep a diary by your side, even at the bedside. You can also keep a collection of your favorite song list for future analysis. This way you’re just starting to live like a determined artist.

Mini Studio Application Software
Equip yourself with the right tools. Most popular singer are fully aware of tools that suite every task of songwriting the want to do. Sound mixing software are tools that you – an upcoming singer should have a moderate knowledge about. It could safe you time and money. In addition, they have most times be the source of motivation for me.
Piano/Electronic Keyboard
Actually, this requires some level of expertise before you can make some good out of it. The knowledge and skills will highly influence your writing process as well as tune composition. Although, it is said you need expertise but not like great Mozart. Idea is all you need to compose fine tunes and get inspired.

Your Magic Period
 In actual context, you may not refer this as a tool, but rather an advantage (or leverage). Locate your magic period to unleash the juice of creativity. We all have one. I’ve heard it said that  “your magic period is that time you are born”. Well, that is for people that have the record of the time they were born. You can easily test the hours yourself, the one that boost your productivity is your magic period. To some people it is between 11 pm to 1 am while some people find it between 4 am forward. In this case, you have to locate and decide yourself

Power of Like-Minds People
The most valuable asset that should be relevant to you as a singers concerned (and not only an article writer) is people of like mind. I cannot stretch how many times this group of friends have helped me get some writing work fun, I tap into a world or sometimes tunes that eventually becomes lovable by most people. You can also keep updated with group of sites, blogs, and forums that discuss related post about singers. There are a lot of organization – companies that put up workshop for singers. If you have the opportunity of attending any of the ASCAP (The America Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) workshop for composers and you come across any of any of Disney songwriters then you are sure of gaining one or two things from them. Apart from the instant motivation that you’re going to derive, they will also keep you abreast of industrial news, opportunity, and interests. There are dedicated sites across the web like  that will greatly help you with tips, experience, and advice on how you can become successful.

The tools suggested are just little out of many that can actually boost your productivity and unleash your creative power. Using them is far more important than mere reading. You can spice up your song writing process with power tools.

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